Knowing The Right Mortgage Company

Knowing The Right Mortgage Company
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Finding The Right Mortgage Company

Below is a brief summary of these mortgage organizations.

Fannie Mae Mortgage Company

An industry leader, Fannie Mae is one of the biggest corporations which offer home mortgages. The products and services of this mortgage company make it possible for low-, since 1968,

Freddie Mac Mortgage Company

Congress to keep cash flowing to mortgage lenders and in the process support homeownership and rental housing. Freddie Mac Mortgage Company purchases residential mortgages for single or multiple families. Aside from that, By doing this, this mortgage company helps homeowners and renters get lower housing costs and better access to home financing.

CTX Mortgage Company

one of the Fortune 500 companies. This mortgage company offers several loan programs. One of the loan programs offered by this mortgage company is Conventional Financing. This loan program is not insured or guaranteed by any agency of the state of federal government. Another loan program provided by this mortgage organization is FHA. This loan program requires lower down payment compared to conventional loans. This mortgage organization gives Veterans Administration (VA) as part of their loan programs. VA loans allow more freedom compared to FHA loans and standard loans. Through this mortgage business, 000 with no money down.

Members Mortgage Company

Based in Woburn, Massachusetts, this mortgage company specializes in providing assistance to credit unions throughout New England. Members Mortgage Company does this by providing a comprehensive, convenient, and cost effective mortgage and loan applications for their clients. Aside from offering services for credit unions, this home loan company also offers its products to home owners. This mortgage firm has lending programs for home purchase financing or refinancing mortgages.

Utter Mortgage Company

A mortgage company that specializes in long term-financing, Utter Mortgage Organization caters to commercial real estate. This mortgage organization provides direct correspondence for a number of west and mid-west insurance companies. With loan amounts beginning at $750,000, such as warehouses, shopping centers, office buildings, the loan terms involved in this mortgage company are usually 5, 7, moreover, interest rates of the mortgage company are based on the Treasury rate index.

East/West Mortgage Company

This mortgage company offers very low rates on their mortgages. This mortgage company’s loan items include refinance mortgages, home equity loans, and debt consolidation. In addition, the East West Home loan Company website offers free and convenient home loan calculator that will help you estimate your monthly payments.


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